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Access Consulting, MS Access programmers, Access VBA programming, MS Access development
MS Access Developers, Microsoft Access Consulting
access consulting, VBA programming, Access programmer

MS Access Developers, Microsoft Access Consulting, Access programmer and Access VBA programming

Specializing in increasing your profits with Custom Database Applications!

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Microsoft Access consulting, Access programming, development and Access VBA programming

We specialize in design, development and support of Microsoft Access database applications. Our MS Access programmers are experts in Access VBA programming and in creating database applications that allow your business to work smarter and be more efficient when it comes to collecting, managing and analyzing your data. Our Access Consulting team can provide assistance to resolve any problems with your Access database applications. We can even improve your existing Applications by incorporating new tools, enhancing existing features and providing a more robust database through MS SQL Server. We have worked with Access 1997, Access 2000, Access 2001, Access 2002, Access 2003, Access 2007, Access 2010 and Access 2013 since their inception. We use table, query, and Access VBA programming techniques that create fast custom databases.

Our primary mission is to make your business more productive and profitable through custom computer software automation

We are located in Waterford, Michigan, USA. We have been programming full-time since 1987. Our work force is strong and consistent

We began developing custom business software in 1987 and still support some of the same customers dating back to 1987

We have tens of thousands of hours of experience working with a multitude of businesses and industries. Our references are excellent and our programs are built with
high standards and pride

We work in a office building, not out of our homes. Do you want the stability of a team of people working out of an office or rely completely on one individual?

PROJECT LIST: We have developed an extensive list of applications for our customers. Please call today to see them in action (not just a screen shot or short description)

Our rates are very competitive. We strive to get your program done quickly, carefully and at a reasonable cost. We want your company to call on us for enhancements,
maintenance and future projects

It's difficult to find a better value in the custom Access development, programming and Access consulting business than with Custom Access Programmers


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All Phases of MS Access development, programming, consulting & support

Access database Design, Access VBA programming, Access Database support, Access Application enhancement and training for all the above mentioned fields.

Conversions (e.g. Access 2000 to Access 2013 or any other Access versions).

SQL, Web-site or PC hosting for your application

Partial list of MS Access Applications we have created

Purchase Orders
Technician Scheduling and Pay Calc
Request for Information
Work Orders
Check Writer
Drawing Transmittals/Submittals
Technician Scheduling and Pay Calc
Time Card & Project Tracking
General Ledger/Budgeting
Security Round Tracking
Equipment Tracking
Inventory Tracking

and many others

Custom library of functions/routines 

Used to build or enhance your applications: Automatic Updates(reduces cost of deploying updates), User-selected Variable Based Reporting (reduces cost of developing, modifying or enhancing reports), Security, User-selected Data Clearing/Resets (eliminates need for us to prepare program for multiple install sites), User-selected Record Duplication (saves hours of data entry and reduces errors)

In addition to Access, we use the following tools:

Database - SQL, ASP.Net, Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro

Web-site - Net Objects Fusion, Web Expressions, Web Easy and Dream Weaver

Reporting - Crystal Reports, various PDF engines, Fax Automation software and others

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Why use MS Access for your database and reporting needs?

Using MS Access as a database application development tool comes with many advantages. Here are a few

  • MS Access is bundled as a part of the MS Office Professional package. As the MS Office Suite is a very widely used software package, Microsoft Access is easily available for use and can already be a part of the software utilized by your company.
  • Custom MS Access programs can be integrated to work seamlessly with the suite of MS Office products. Also, conversions between the various data formats used by the MS Office programs can be performed efficiently than conversions between any other suites of products.
  • Any MS Access program has import/export capabilities with numerous data formats from the get go thus providing efficiency in terms of data input and data output .
  • Microsoft Access is one of the best-selling and the most popular desktop databases of all time. As such, Microsoft will be providing support to MS Access in the foreseeable future. This will ensure that your investment in a MS Access program now will still be viable for a long time to come.
  • MS Access was designed with the ease of multi-user integration in mind; so, MS Access programs can operate on a network with support for multiple users without the need for extensive customization to perform on a network.
  • By using Microsoft Access for Rapid Application Development you can keep your costs down. You can build efficient and intuitive applications with the help of its object oriented model.
  • MS Access also makes a great standalone application for a mobile A business can take advantage of the power of an MS Access application for inventory control, information management, databases, customer tracking systems, and customer data. MS Access, combined with Visual Basic (VB) programming, allow almost unlimited customization of your application.
  • A Microsoft Access database can be placed on a website for access for remote users.  Simple screens can be developed within Access, Data Access Pages. Or full control and functionality can be implemented using Active Server Page (ASP) programming
  • Fairly complex databases can be setup and running in 1/2 the time and cost of other large database systems (the simpler the database the greater the cost advantage).


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Why choose Custom Access Programmers?

  • Microsoft Access provides the framework required to create an efficient, intuitive application with quality reporting tools and highly automated data input. The MS Access development and Access VBA programming skills needed in order to effectively utilize that framework can be found with our MS Access developers and programmers.
  • Our MS Access developers have close to 20 years of experience building business and technology oriented solutions that utilize the various facets of MS Access successfully. 
  • Our Access programmers have a great understanding of relational database design and Access VBA programming that is required to maximize the potential of any project.
  • At Custom Access Programmers, we can put the control in your hands if you so desire, You will be able to oversee and be in control of the work done by our programmers through our Online Project Management system. This program allows you to monitor the work on your project in near real-time. As a registered customer or registered prospective customer, you can interact with us and manage your program 24/7 from any browser or even wireless from a Palm Pilot or similar device.
  • The experience garnered by our MS Access developers is through working on complex business databases (Oracle/ SQL Server) with hundreds of tables and over a thousand database forms. This kind of database programming experience and insight allows us to utilize our MS Access development and Access VBA programming skills to create only the best of MS Access Applications.
  • We understand that trust takes time. We can start at a level that you are comfortable with until we establish a relationship , and prove that we can generate a high return on your investment. We are confident our experienced Microsoft Access Consulting, Access programmer and VBA programming teams will show you that high quality and innovation does not require higher cost.

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